Old Washington Depot

Old Washington Depot

Most  adults, especially spouse, partner and parents, know they should have a basic will naming their executor, beneficiaries and guardians of young children.  The desire to have an ‘advanced directives’ in place (Living Will, Health Care Power of Attorney, and designation of a Conservator) to confirm your instructions in particular health care circumstances during your life, is growing exponentially. 

Cost should never be a barrier to having either in place so for a nominal fee and a bit of planning on your part, you can leave our offices with a basic will and advanced directives in your very first visit.

Of course, we are also available to provide more advanced and specialized planning for those who need it, such as planning for a disabled child,  second marriages, step-children, grandchildren, partners, succession of a family-owned business, charitable gifting, etc.

Please come see us for a consultation and see if we can’t walk you through the process until you fully understand your choices and give you the final result that fully meets your needs.